Our agency performs investigation activities regarding the following fields:

For private persons:

  • Surveillance and following of persons;
  • Conduct and morals of a person;
  • Information about goods that are object of civil litigations;
  • Investigation of addresses, occupation and lifestyle of persons from Romania and abroad;
  • Search for missing persons or hidden persons, in Romania and abroad;
  • Unseen surveillance of rooms and persons;
  • Surveillance of premises
  • Protection of children in various situations;
  • Investigations on alienated goods for the purpose of prejudicing a part in a law suit;
  • Reconstruction of the family tree;
  • Morality (fiancé / fiancée, husband/ wife, children, business partners, etc.)
  • Identification of former high school, college mates, for anniversary celebrations

For firms:

  • The reliability – seriousness and commercial record of present or future business partners;
  • Credit recovery by identification of the debtors and goods that are to be judicially executed;
  • Protection of the trade mark and patent;
  • Check of the CVs for employees and employees-to-be, morality, loyalty and seriousness reports (employees, future co-workers, future clients, etc);
  • Check of declarations;
  • Investigations regarding the competition;
  • Bodyguard for meetings, negotiations, conferences, etc.;
  • Protection of businesspeople and other personalities;
  • Securing protection against leak of information from the private life or activity of the firms that wish to maintain confidentiality;
  • Other observation, following, surveillance and investigation activities regarding persons, goods, deeds, data and circumstances requested by the client;

    Other special investigations, at request.

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