The Private Detective Agency LEGENDA VIE carries out, at the request of private persons or firms, investigation activities concerning :

  • the reliability of private persons or firms – potential partners in a business
  • the conduct and public morality of a person;
  • persons missing from their home;
  • goods that are matter of a civil or criminal litigations, alienated for the purpose of damaging the interest of a part in a law suit;
  • securing protection against leak of information from the area of private life or the activity of trade agents who wish to keep their confidentiality.

The agency is taking all necessary measures so that our activity would not contravene with the intern and international legal regulations, the national safety, public order or good manners. The information obtained as a result of our activity are used exclusively by the client.
The agency activity is regulated through the provisions of Law 329/ 8 July 2003 on the “The practice of the profession of private detective” published in the Official Gazette Part I, no.530 dated 23 July 2003.
Our detectives’ actions are always based on three basic and inseparable criteria: legality, legitimacy and morality of the defended cause.
The need of information is even greater when it has to substitute the inferiority and feebleness of other kind. The information must be indirect proportional to these feeblenesses.

Information is power, so he who has information has power!

The services rendered and the finality of our investigation activities are carried out with modern technique and equipment, at performance standards.

Reported to the personnel qualification, quality efficiency and swiftness, our agency has moderate and negotiable prices depending on the complexity, difficulty and duration of the action.

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